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2018 Twin Flame Coalition

Hasani ALI

Hasani was an accomplished sports journalist at the age of 15. After completing his first gig with The Saginaw News, his career catapulted into prominent gigs with Your Black World, Melanoid Nation and the Detroit Native Sun, where he works as the Sports Editor to this day.


Struggling with relationships at an early age, Hasani gained much insight on dating and the opposite sex--as an outsider. He could always coach someone through a tough situation.


Once Hasani began to lose weight and stay in shape through sports, he had an easy time navigating through the dating scene.


Now married to the love of his life, Shelbie, The Ali's using their expertise as coaches and authors to help others attract and cultivate healthy relationships. 


As a certified coach through the Aboriginal Republic of North America, Hasani is dedicated to coaching young men to have the best experience in dating, relationships and marriage.


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