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2018 Twin Flame Coalition

Shelbie Ali

Shelbie began her professional life at 15 years old. She took on the pen name of Shelbie M Moore and authored 2 books of poetry, Words Scribbled In My Notebook and Chocolate Covered Cherries as well as the young adult novel Just a little Boy Crazy. Since then she has had a knack for creative thinking and problem solving. She was very blessed to fall in love with a man who dreamed of writing books himself. 


Both Shelbie and Hasani became authors and relationship coaches through The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA). Shelbie took on the mission of also studying Cardology through ARNA as a way to change the life of their clients.


After having 2 boys, Shelbie's world shifted, and she began to tap more into her feminine energy. It has helped her become the strong successful woman she always wanted to be, but didn’t know how to become. Now she shares her experiences with men and women to help inspire families to be dynamic, passionate, and purposeful. 


Shelbie specializes in developing happy relationships from a spiritual and practical perspective. She does this by helping individuals understand "the relationship with self" as an essential element to any relationship. Shelbie is a hippie at heart who couldn't live without vegan food and still finds enjoyment in creative writing. 

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