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2018 Twin Flame Coalition

What are clients say aboutUS

We could toot our horns all day however we believe it sounds better when it comes from others.  Listen and watch what some of our previous clients and customers have said about us. 

Take a look at what the high schoolers of Northwestern College Prep (Detroit, MI) experienced from Twin Flame Coalition's workshop "Fundamentals of Healthy Relationships"!


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Daniel Jackson is a proud member of Central Michigan University's Upward Bound program. Upward Bound is designed to give high school students the tools to prepare for college. Daniel understood the need for his students to understand the Fundamentals of Healthy Relationships not only to prepare for college, but to prepare for life. He could think of no one better to take on this task than Hasani Ali and Shelbie Ali of Twin Flame Coalition.

Janae came to us after reading our book "Fasting: Make Your Love Electric" She was in desperate need to save herself to have a happy healthy relationship.


A few weeks of in depth coaching and she underwent a complete TRANSFORMATION! There isn't a moment now that can distract her from her purpose and her love for her fiance'.

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