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2018 Twin Flame Coalition

This is the assessment for people who need to dive deep into their childhood to heal from situations that are affecting their future. If you are married or engaged, and you truly want to understand yourself and your partner so that you can have the best marriage possible, this assessment is for you. 


Birth assessents are done by assessing your early home life, your work life, your learning style, your personality, your purpose, your compatibility, and emotionally stability. We then use this informaiton to determine what type of healing process you need in order to reach your next level of growth and success. For dual birth assessments, we focus intensly on coaching you and your partner on accepting each others birth assessments. 


This assessment about 2.5 hours and is reserved for 2 clients. Once you purchase your assessment, you will be sent a confirmation email as well as a link to select your preferred time for your assessment. 

Cardology Dual Birth/Compatibility Assessment

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